Confidential and Compliant Clouds (Coco Cloud) aims at allowing the cloud users to securely and privately share their data in the cloud. This will increase the trust of users in the cloud services and thus increase their widespread adoption with consequent benefits for the users and in general for digital economy. The outsourced nature of the Cloud, and the inherent loss of control that goes along with that, means that sensitive data must be carefully controlled to ensure it is always protected (in the most appropriate way for a given situation). Protecting data (including personal information) is essential to citizens, governments and organizations across all sectors, including healthcare and banking. Furthermore, it is only by providing assurances on data protection and data usage control, that we can facilitate data sharing between individuals and organisations or between organisations to create new ventures and novel means of leveraging the data value. We envision the control of the disseminated data based on mutually agreed data sharing agreements that are uniformly and end-to-end enforced. These agreements may reflect legal, contractual or user defined preferences, which may be conflicting and thus an appropriate balance and model for their enforcement must be found.