The project aims at creating an efficient and flexible framework for secure data management from the client to the cloud, and vice-versa. We consider in particular three dimensions to this goal:
  1. to facilitate the writing, understanding, analysis, management, enforcement and dissolution of data sharing agreements; going from high level descriptions (close to natural language) to system enforceable data usage policies;
  2. to consider the most appropriate enforcing mechanisms depending on the underlying infrastructure and context for enforcing data usage policies;
  3. to address key challenges for legally compliant data sharing in the cloud. By taking a “compliance by design” approach, the project places an early emphasis on understanding and incorporating legal and regulatory requirements into the data sharing agreements.
Coco Cloud will contribute to fulfil the pervasive need for data usage protection in cloud services that arises from different stakeholders, including business organizations and citizens, and overcoming the limitations of currently available technology offerings. The project Consortium combines strong industry players and academic institutions which will deliver high quality research and development; it also includes two end-users of the technological solutions as well as a Law firm able to bring significant expertise in legal practice, also for Cloud. The project outcome will be evaluated via three pilot products and one industrial test bed.