W.1. Management

The Management activity aims at ensuring the Project progresses. It is focused on ensuring that partners’
activities met their project responsibilities, on coordination of activities partners and on administrative

Activities include organizing project board meetings and review meeting, preparing mid-term and final
reports and addressing dissemination and exploitation issues. In detail it aims to:

  • Ensure administrative management of the project and overall technical coordination
  • Ensure consensus management and information circulation among the partners
  • Ensure project reporting and interface with the European Commission Project Officer
  • Co-ordinate and control project activities to keep them within the objectives
  • Perform quality assessment of project deliverables before the delivery to the Commission
  • Ensure timeliness and quality management of the work produced in the project
  • Manage the fund transfers towards the partners
  • Obtain the audit certificate by the contractors whenever is necessary
  • Maintain an open link with other projects working in complimentary research areas
  • Ensure that money invested into research is spent according to contract
  • Ensure that legal issues and IPR are compliant with contract & consortium agreements
  • Assess and detect risk and plan ahead contingency strategies
Lead Beneficiary: