W.5. Enforcement Infrastructure

The objectives of WP5 are to define and implement the necessary means for enforcing usage control conditions foreseen in the Coco Cloud architecture, on selected client platforms. In particular, considering the relevance for Coco Cloud pilots defined and developed in WP7, WP5 will focus on cloud and mobile platforms. The enforcement mechanisms provide the necessary infrastructure to implement the terms of the policy language but are independent of the content of individual enforceable policies. 2B will participate to this work package to provide advice on the mechanisms that will need to be included to provide support for the legal and regulatory requirements (WP2) (e.g. obligations to notify the user, or to record data accesses) whilst the requirements applicable in specific cases will be translated into a set of individual policies associated with each DSA. The development activities will be focused on delivering a number of software versions for the enforcement prototypes, that will be used and integrated during the pilots. Feedback from pilots will also be used in order to ameliorate the final enforcement prototypes. More in details, the first prototype release is meant to be containing most pilot-relevant usage control enforcement functionalities, while the final version will contain the full set of enforcement functionalities, including those for state-full usage control that allow a complete traceability of (derived) data instances.
Specifically, WP5 objectives will be:

  • O5.1: Definition of architectures and communication protocols for enforcing usage control conditions seamlessly on cloud services and mobile platforms.
  • O5.2: Definition and implement mechanisms for the enforcement of usage control condition for cloud services.
  • O5.3: Define and implement mechanisms for the enforcement of usage control condition for accessing data through mobile devices
Lead Beneficiary: 
Enforcement Infrastructure