W.8. Dissemination and Exploitation

The objective of this work package is to ensure the correct dissemination of the project results defining in agreement with the consortium partners and effective dissemination strategy in order to maximize the results and achievements of the project throughout both scientific and industrial channels.
In this work package we will:

  • Perform a clear Coco Cloud product/service definition, positioning, and a SWOT analysis within the project lifecycle as part of the plan for exploitation. We expect to obtain a clear list of values and/or benefits, either strategic or financial benefits.
  • Identify Coco Cloud exploitable results and effectively help individual partners and the consortium to plan and organise their exploitation according to market context.
  • Prepare dissemination and exploitation material.
  • Within partner network, WP8 will also advise on IPR issues and potential alliances or dependencies with/to the other partners in the project.
  • Suggest the most suitable business and/or revenue models for the Coco Cloud assets and the consortium as a whole.
  • Effectively disseminate Coco Cloud foreground by different means: organization or participation in dissemination events, press media, social media, industry events, fairs, etc.
    In particular, Coco Cloud plans to organize two thematic workshops focused on industry participation, in the middle and at the end of the Project.
  • Look for liason and networking of Coco Cloud with related initiatives.
  • Present scientific contributions to the research community and raise awareness.
  • Approach standardization communities.
Lead Beneficiary: 
Dissemination and Exploitation