"Digital by default" Revolution is coming!

Thank you for participating to the Coco Cloud-sponsored event about -“Digital by default” Revolution is coming!-, hosted in AgID - Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale, Rome, Italy, on October 5, 2016, where more than 130 people joined the event.

New paper: A right too far? Requiring cloud service providers to deliver adequate data security to consumers

The European consumer has substantial rights when contracting for goods or services online. Nevertheless, unlike European data protection law, specific requirements for adequate data security practices are largely absent from European legislation governing Business-to-Consumer (B2C) transactions. The following article evaluates the application of current EU consumer protection requirements and appraises the extent to which they oblige service providers to include data security or information regarding data security practices in contract terms.

Registration for Coco Cloud event in Rome

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9.30 Benvenuto e introduzione
Chair: Daniela Maria Intravaia, Dirigente Area Progettazione e Programmazione Europea e Internazionale – Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale
Antonio Samaritani, Direttore Generale Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale
Claudio Bassoli, Vice President, Enterprise Group, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Da Confermare, Commissione Europea
10.00 Il nuovo Codice dell’Amministrazione Digitale

Coco Cloud event in Rome

Public Administrations are currently subject to accelerate towards the digital transformation, supported by a clear strategy and several actions at national and European level.

In particular, the European Commission on April 2016 released the eGovernament Action Plan 2016-2020, defining principles such as the digital by default and the cross-border by default, in order to obtain the highest benefit and collaboration between member states under a long-term digital transformation perspective.

EU-Brazil Cloud research position paper

Paper titled "Protecting user data on the Cloud in the era of the new EU GDPR with Confidential and Compliant Clouds - Coco Cloud" was published by Coco Cloud consortium partners.
Focus is on impact of the new European Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the data protection needs and the necessity of data-centric approaches to information security.

European Cloud Initative news

The Commission estimates that, overall, €2 billion in Horizon 2020 funding will be allocated to the European Cloud initiative. The estimation of the required additional public and private investment is €4.7 billion in the period of 5 years.Focusing initially on the scientific community, the user base will over time be enlarged to the public sector and to industry.