Coco at Cloudwatch workshop

The final CloudWatch workshop was focused on cloud security standardization. The Coco Cloud project representatives had a chance to meet SDO (standard developing organisation) delegates and discuss profiles on Cloud Computing standards that the CloudWATCH project has developed, based on the methodology, and background information described in the CloudWATCH deliverable D4.3 "Final report on Cloud Standards Profile Development".

Secure cloud cluster meeting

HOLA Cloud project organises event for cloud project clustering and collaboration. The f2f security cluster (DPSP cluster) meeting will be on the 7th of October in Pisa, following the Cloud Forward First International Conference organised by Hola Cloud CSA project (on the 6th Oct in Pisa). This cluster now also encompasses "compliant cloud community" cluster that was started by Coco Cloud (see related initatives page).

Cloud security standards event

Cloud security standards workshop brings together EC-funded initiatives in the area of data protection, security and privacy in the cloud in order to work towards defining a set of cloud standards profiles which focus on addressing security issues. CloudWATCH is the coordination and support action project that organises this workshop and makes an analysis of the cloud landscape.

Blog entry on Digital Single Market and Coco Cloud

The European Commission has recently announced its strategy for a Digital Single Market, with issues also taregting data protection and data usage. How Coco Cloud technology can help to bridge possible gaps between user defined preferences and companies that build data-driven services? Find out in this blog!!!