Coco Cloud contributing to Atos white paper

Canopy, which is the cloud business branch of Atos, has published White Paper on "Enabling Trusted European cloud, its own vision and roadmap for Trusted Cloud Europe, an initative coming from European Cloud Partnership ( Coco Cloud is mentioned as one of the contributors.

Cloud World Forum

Cloud World Forum will find place 24-25 of June 2015 in London. CSP Forum, that represents EU research project cluster, will have a stand at the exhibition and will represent Coco Cloud project as well.

ETSI cloud standardization phase 2

In February 2015, CSC Phase 2 has been launched to address issues left open after CSC Phase 1, with the objective to provide a detailed report at the end of October 2015.
CSC Phase 2 work is centered around 4 main work items, one of them related to security and interoperability. Security was one of the points of attention of CSC Phase 1 where the conclusion was that some areas of concern were remaining, in particular with respect to the proof of conformance.
The work will be undertaken in two phases in 2015:

EC tender results on standard SLA

On monday 11 may 2015, the results of EC tender on SLA have been presented (

Besides the results presentation, there was also space for the presentation of related projects such as SLALOM (that shares two partners with Coco Cloud).

SPECS and coco-cloud agreement on collaboration

The SPECS framework will provide techniques and tools for enabling a user-centric negotiation of security parameters in Cloud SLA, along with a trade-off evaluation process among users and CSPs. Coco-cloud data sharing agreements could be considered related to SLA security parameters. Since SPECS also provides monitoring and enforcement , two projects agreed on collaboration and organization of the joint events.