Coco Cloud and AGID organise event in Rome Oct 5th 2016

AgID - via Liszt, 21 00144 Roma

Public Administrations are currently subject to accelerate towards the digital transformation, supported by a clear strategy and several actions at national and European level.

In particular, the European Commission on April 2016 released the eGovernament Action Plan 2016-2020, defining principles such as the digital by default and the cross-border by default, in order to obtain the highest benefit and collaboration between member states under a long-term digital transformation perspective.

This event aims at taking the stock of the situation for the Italian public administration, considering legal and technological aspects that drive the digital transformation.

This event is organised by AgID, with the collaboration of the innovative research project Coco Cloud (Confidential and Compliant Clouds), co-founded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme.

Participation is free, registration is required.

1st International Workshop on TEchnical and LEgal aspects of data pRIvacy and SEcurity - TELERISE 2015


Coco Cloud Partner, CNR, organizes TELERISE:

Information sharing is essential for today's business and societal transactions. Nevertheless, such a sharing should not violate the security and privacy requirements dictated by Law, by internal regulations of organisations, and by data subjects. An effectual, rapid, and unfailing electronic data sharing among different parties, while protecting legitimate rights on these data, is a key issue with several shades. Among them, how to translate the high-level law obligations, business constraints, and users' requirements into system-level privacy policies, providing efficient and practical solutions for policy definition and enforcement.
TELERISE aims at providing a forum for researchers and engineers, in academia and industry, to foster an exchange of research results, experiences, and products in the area of privacy preserving and secure data management, from a technical and legal perspective. The ultimate goal is to conceive new trends and ideas on designing, implementing, and evaluating solutions for privacy-preserving information sharing, with an eye to cross-relations between ICT and regulatory aspects of data management

Consortium meeting in Oslo


The meeting included plenary session to discuss advancements in the legal studies and the presentation of several leaflets/dissemination materials from legal partners. It also:
• Discussed how to proceed with the development of the Coco Cloud reference architecture
• Checked prototypes for ready demos and advancements on the Coco Cloud enforcement layer
• Discussed foreseen collaboration with A4Cloud and CloudSpaces
• Revised PA business case